Realitatea virtuală (VR) şi impactul său în domeniul urbanismului / Virtual Reality and its impact in Urbanism

George-Gabriel Marin

Rezumat/Abstract. This article explores the application of virtual reality (VR) in the field of urbanism and its impact on urban planning and design. It discusses the technical aspects of implementing VR in urbanism, including hardware and software requirements, as well as the challenges associated with integrating different technologies. The use of VR in urban planning and design is examined, highlighting its benefits in visualizing and effectively communicating urban design concepts. Concrete examples of VR utilization in city planning and design are presented, showcasing its ability to simulate human interactions within the urban environment. The advantages and limitations of VR in urbanism are discussed. Overall, this article emphasizes the significance of VR in enhancing the development and optimization of future cities.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Virtual reality, urban planning and design, emerging technologies, city modelling, VRbanism

Text integral/Full text