Regenerarea urbană, o sursă a sustenabilității și a conservării identității locale / Urban regeneration, a source of sustainability and conservation of local identity

Oana Nadina Nedeianu

Rezumat/Abstract. The present paper aims to offer a broad (but by no means exhaustive) view of the evolutions in the domain of urban regeneration and possible future perspectives in this field. In spite of urban regeneration being a quite commonly encountered phenomenon, it also a process that is often misunderstood or insufficiently explained. The vast majority of cities nowadays were or are involved in urban regeneration processes, with the participation of various decisional factors, investors or public / private beneficiaries. In spite of this, at present there is not one unitary method recommended for practicing urban regeneration, nor is there a unitary source of information or authority in this domain. Just as with the concept of urban identity, the concept of urban regeneration seems rather vague and hard to define and pin down. It is a term used by many, but which almost no one can define coherently and unitarily. Consequently, the aim of the present paper is to address this issue by offering analysing and explaining the necessity of urban regeneration and its functional mechanisms.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: urban regeneration, identity, conservation, locality, place, space

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