Assessing master plan preparation mechanisms in Syria. A Legislative Decree No. 5 of 1982 review

Farah Nizam, Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor

Rezumat/Abstract. This paper will discuss Decree No. 5 of 1982, which serves as the fundamental policy for creating master plans in Syrian cities. The study involves revising the decree using a descriptive method, followed by an evaluation to examine the efficiency of Decree No. 5 and the adherence to the principles of New Urbanism and smart growth, utilizing both the analytical comparative method and the descriptive analytical method. The results of the evaluation will be used to propose recommendations for enhancing policies and integrating the principles of New Urbanism and smart growth.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: planning policy, Decree No. 5 of 1982, master plan, smart growth, New Urbanism

Text integral/Full text