„Oraşul circular” între strategie şi reglementare / “The circular city” – between strategic and regulatory competences

Cristina Andreea Bălan

Rezumat/Abstract. The recent period highlights that the concept of a „circular city” is still in its early stage of definition and regulation, contrasting with the evolving international optimism regarding the circular development approach as main way to achieve the desired resilience and sustainability goals. In this regard, the recent period draws attention to the exploration need of circular adjustment and reinterpretation possibilities, through a synthetic, intuitive and deductive interpretation of the knowledge bases of circular economy and urbanism. Additionally, current research proposes a thorough understanding of the effects generated by the interdependent relationships between urban planning and reshaping consumption patterns and behaviors at the urban level. Therefore, we propose exploring the possibilities of placing the concept of a „circular city” within the perspective of specific contextual realities and national urban development practices, aiming to configure circular, sustainable, resilient, coherent, and harmonized spatial development processes.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: circular city, systemic approach, urban planning, regulation framework

Text integral/Full text