Locuri, oameni şi industrii: rolul producţiei în oraş / Places, people and industries: role of production in the city

Caterina Alexandra Roşca

Rezumat/Abstract. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and even before that, cities and industries have always evolved together in a close relationship. Urbanization fostered productivity while entire cities grew around factories and manufacturing areas. The age of dicoveries, made possible once this process started, represents the foundation of modern society and modern man. More recently, with the arrival of truck transport, container shipping, automation and digital supply chains, the city diminished its connection with industry. Using strict policy and zoning regulations, authorities isolated almost all manufacturing activities outside the urban environment. At the same time, the way of working and producing is also undergoing mutiple transformations. Taking into consideration the various emerging trends that are changing the productive sector, this article explores the evolution of the historical relationship between the city and the factory by understading the reasons behind the location choice and its effects upon manufacturing facilities.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Industrial urbanism, Factory of the future, Urban factory, Manufacturing prospects

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