Transportul inteligent: provocarea oraşelor din viitor / Smart transportation: the challenge of future cities

Radu-Gabriel Pătraşcu

Rezumat/Abstract. For the past 20 years, transport efficiency has been a constant priority in the context of increased traffic congestion all over the world. Meanwhile, the advance in real-time information transfer technology made the development of complex transport communication systems possible, technology that is now being used primarily in urban public transport efficiency programs. In this context, personal automated vehicles benefited from a substantial advance in development technology, multiple real life tests having been conducted in the past with optimistic results. This paper is an introduction to the main issues that may affect urban development in the context of rapid advance in transportation technology. In essence, the article briefly defines the concept of intelligent transport and dynamic urban planning, followed by a synthesis of potential effects of the most recent developments in transportation technology on urban growth. The article concludes with defining the relation between the evolution of intelligent transport and the dinamics of urban areas.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: urban mobility, ITS, autonomous vehicles, GIS, future cities

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