Persian Enclosed Garden: Recognition & Recreation of the Persian Garden

Bahareh Bathaei

Rezumat/Abstract. In these days of worldwide political stress, most of us crave moments of peace and security, a chance to mediate and smell the air, or quite literally experience the scent of flowers. We can find this peace in an enclosed garden. The main goal of this research is to find a solution to have more balance between natural and artificial environment in order to achieve a higher level of mental health standards in 21st century urban life style. In this way, this research tries to rethink the Persian garden as one of the ancient paradigms which has regenerated itself through the history frequently. This study shows that the “environmental DETACH in Persian garden can lead us to spiritual ATTACH” . The word for “paradise” derives from the Persian word “Pardis” for a garden and usually has the same meaning in every culture and language. In these gardens, many things are designed just to stimulate our five senses simultaneously. This attraction of all senses, according to environmental psychology research, makes a concentration place in Persian gardens. In order to rethinking Persian garden, this research tries to recognize it in the Iranian traditional arts such as carpet, miniature, literature and so on.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Persian gardens, environment, re-creation, psychology research, concentration

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