Dry density in relation to other geotechnical proprieties of Algiers clay

Mohammed Amin Benbouras, Ratiba Mitiche Kettab, Hamma Zedira, Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor‎, Fatiha Debiche

Rezumat/Abstract. Geotechnical study is one of the most important stages of the project study; it is based on an objective study on ‎the soil of the site to determine the various characteristics, whether mechanical or physical. On the other ‎hand, in the majority of projects the number of completed tests does not allow to get reliable statistical results, ‎but here it features the role of personal or collective experiences to use different correlations performed by ‎researchers and statistical studies carried out for the different soil characteristics.‎ This article shows the results of a statistical study to relate dry density to other geotechnical parameters like ‎wet density (Dh), plasticity index (Ip), water content (w), void ratio (e), plastic limit (Wp), liquid limit (Wl), ‎consistency index (Ic), Preconsolidation pressure (σ'p), Compression Index (Cc), swelling index (Cg), cohesion ‎‎(cu), friction angle (φ) and liquidity index (Il); in Algiers region, and that in order to help geotechnical ‎engineer to predict the values of this parameters from dry density considering this latter an account of the ‎easiest calculated properties in the laboratory. More than 700 samples have been collected; over 120 ‎geotechnical projects have been done in the Algiers area to be used in this study.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: dry density, correlation, geotechnical parameters, statistical study, clay

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