Metamorfoza spaţiului urban în spaţiu teatral / Metamorphosis of the urban space in theatrical space

Silvia Ionescu

Rezumat/Abstract. Architecture of the theatrical spaces has continuously evolved adapting to the requirements of contemporary society. Conceptual and spatial dynamics has influenced the theatrical space viewed as a symbiosis between architecture and show. The transition towards alternative spaces, unconventional coming as an alternative to classical halls offers a exiting space thath we can see , hear , offering a sensory significance. Perception of the constructive elements is eclipsed, by the atmosphere, sensation and perception of the show. Theater as a living organism, it cannot be stopped and canonized, he always needs new life, being in acontinuous transformation process . The last two centuries brings ideological changes, the conventional scenic space is challenged , experimental theater appears as a manifesto against the rigor of the naturalistic scenes, changing the traditional conventions of spatiality. The theatrical environment migrates to alternative spaces. Desacrilization of the theater and bringing the audience in different urban non-theatrical spaces offers the experimental theater creators, different perceptions, making them dream up new forms of expression. In this context i propose the analysis of alternative theater spaces in the city of Bucharest to highlight how the theater is adapting to current social context.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: street theatre, theatre in the urban space, theater, unconventional theatre

Text integral/Full text