L’efficacité énergétique et rôles multiples de la maison oasienne à patio à Biskra (Algérie) / Energy efficiency and multiple roles of patio in oasis house in Biskra (Algeria)

Fatma Zohra Hadagha, Yacine Bada, Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor

Rezumat/Abstract. The patio, as far as its climatic role is concerned, is considered an effective device in bioclimatic architecture, whereas its use does not take into account its interests in our country, and especially in the city of Biskra for reasons such as the abundance on the part of oasis society, the need for modernity and the housing crisis after independence. This system is not only energy efficient, but it has demonstrated these multiple roles, spiritual, social and cultural. This is what this work will try to demonstrate; the different roles of patio in the oasis house using a multi-criteria comparative approach and a numerical simulation.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: the patio, energetic performance, oasis habitat, traditional habitat

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