Incoerenţa procedurală a sistemului românesc de planificare: Laser Valley / The procedural incoherence of the Romanian planning system: Laser Valley

Corina-Teodora Chirilă

Rezumat/Abstract. Over the years, many urban plans have not shaped the built environment as intended, because they lacked appropriate planning instruments. At the same time, however, municipalities have made do with their own projects and investments. Nonetheless, planners, by their very nature, should be the ones responsible to see that projects are compatible with one another and fit a long-range development perspective. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. This paper highlights a situation in which planning practices seem to fail when trying to solve complex governance problems and to produce viable spatial management procedures through effective planning instruments. A case in point is the Municipality of Măgurele, a few kilometres south of Bucharest. Building upon a year-long project aimed on depicting the catalysts and inhibitors that impact upon the ELI-NP project developed within the Municipality of Măgurele, this paper depicts the challenges currently facing Romanian planning practices.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: planning instability, planning evaluation, general urban plans, Laser Valley, planning instruments

Text integral/Full text