Planificarea şi utilizarea spaţiului urban din subteran / Planning and use of urban underground space

Augustina Stan

Rezumat/Abstract. The present research aims to define the concept of planning the underground urban space, to establish its use and some fundamental principles in this regard. At the most basic level, the underground provided rock shelters and caves as refuge from harsh climates and mortal enemies, water and mineral reserves, and ambient places to store food. Use of Urban Underground Space has been growing significantly in the world’s biggest and wealthiest cities and has been long acknowledged to be important to the urban development agenda: sustainability, resilience, livability, and creating a better urban environment in particular. To meet the growing and growing needs of our urban environment, some of these uses could be moved underground, so that the underground space is a resource for those functions that do not have to be on the surface.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: subsurface, urban underground infrastructure, the underground city, underground planning, level organisations, sustainable underground urbanization

Text integral/Full text