Necesitatea implementării managementului de proiect în documentaţiile de urbanism şi amenajare a teritoriului din România / The necessity to implement the project management in the documentation of urban and spatial planning in Romania

Alexandra Meilă

Rezumat/Abstract. Smart cities are rapidly developing and introducing new practices and services that have a strong impact on policy development and planning, while coexisting with urban facilities. Now it is necessary to understand the contribution of the smart city in the general urban planning and vice versa, to recognize the offers of urbanism in the context of a smart city. Thus, urban management was influenced and is influenced especially by the globalization of the world economy. The importance of globalization and restructuring of the world economy, the liberalization of capital markets and the development of information technology have significantly reduced territorial border barriers and have strengthened the position of large cities as important centers of exchange and interaction . A professional project management can substantially improve urban planning through scientifically thought-out decision support, communication strategies with decision-makers and the population, control methods of component stages and flexibility during project implementation in choosing the most efficient solutions.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: strategic planning, project cycle, project activities, risk minimization, project management information system, integrated development strategies, project manager

Text integral/Full text