La planification à l’heure de l’aménagement urbain / Planning at the time of urban development

Modou Ndiaye

Rezumat/Abstract. The word planning is one of those whose careers in spoken and written language have met with rarely achieved success. It lends it self to jobs in contexts as different as the organization of a geographic space, the definition of the status of languages in a situation of multilingualism or the re-composition of temporalities with a view to rationalizing a given field of activity. In discourse on the city, it often gives rise to false equivalences with preexisting or more recent terms such as town planning and urban planning. In the following comments, it is first a question of retracing the semantic origin and giving its meaning and then of indicating the general principles organizing urban development as well as the factors influencing the evolution of the procedures followed for the production of the city and to identify the new approaches adopted with regard to the problematization of this concept.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: planning, urban planning, town planning, planning, urban project

Text integral/Full text