Analiza managementului de proiect din domeniul planificării spaţiale în mediul academic / Analysis of project management from the viewpoint of spatial planning in the academic environment

Alexandra Meilă, Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrişor

Rezumat/Abstract. In the field of spatial planning, the quality of documentation depends largely on the quality of the process. Due to the procurement procedures in which the criterion is almost exclusively the lowest price, the quality of the landscaping and urban planning documentation has progressively decreased. This article aims to initiate a scientific approach to identify whether the quality of spatial planning documentation is not due to inadequate project management. For this purpose, the research methodology consisted in investigating the implementation of professional project management, based on new technologies and software in the development of urban planning and spatial planning. The method of sociological analysis used is based on two essential tools for gathering the information needed for a quantitative analysis - the questionnaire and the interview. The finality of the study will highlight the main risks identified in the analysis of the management of urban planning and spatial planning documentation.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: strategic planning, project management, sociological analysis, questionnaire, interview, general urban plan, county territory development

Text integral/Full text