Mlaştinile din sudul Irakului – oraşul inteligent acvatic / Marshes in southern Iraq – the smart aquatic city

Oudai Al Zubaidi

Rezumat/Abstract. Aquatic cities can be built in the swamps of Iraq using the highest level of technology, ecological, traditional materials, specific to the area, to ensure optimal human comfort but also to protect the environment, ecosystems specific to wetlands. Eco-smart aquatic cities are flexible and dynamic, they can be moved, they can enjoy economic and administrative independence just like the old settlements of the ma’danans. They consist of modular platforms that are grouped and have various functions of housing, administrative, utility, recreation etc. They can be assembled or disassembled as needed. The construction of these cities in marshlands is cheaper and faster compared to those built on sandy islands or in deep waters. Platforms for shallow water are lighter weight and can be built on artificial islands, can be mobile or can be raised on pillars (amphibians). The most modern and ecological smart technology, non-polluting, water purification and recycling systems, recovery of renewable energies, waste recycling, provision of food through aquatic agriculture specific to the area but also hydroponics will be used.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: floating urban modules, bioclimatic, green energy

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