Oraşul inteligent în contextul actual al dezvoltării durabile / The smart city in the current context of sustainable development

Lucian Pavel

Rezumat/Abstract. This article gives an overview of the concept of "intelligent city" or "smart city" in the current context of sustainable development. When we talk about cities, we are talking about sustainable or intelligent urban development, hence the clever term in the phrase "smart city". In other words, the "smart city" requires intelligent urban development through political implementation and sustainable spatial development policies and strategies, using "smart technologies". The needs for increasing the quality of urban life, the problems faced by today's cities, as well as the expectations and advantages (attributes) of the intelligent city are described succinctly. The article concludes with a map of the world's major cities, including smart cities.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: planning, standard of living, urban stress, digital technology, pollution

Text integral/Full text