Schimbare şi adaptare în satul românesc în contextul dezvoltării durabile / Transformation and adaptation in the Romanian village in the context of sustainable development

Simona-Rodica Şoldan

Rezumat/Abstract. The approach of the topic is motivated by its importance and time relevance, both sustainable development and rural development through the revitalization and regeneration of the village as the main component of rural space being topics widely debated in European strategies and policies and outlined in requirements whose fulfillment, in our country, is questionable because actions to be implemented remain local. The study emphasizes the role of sustainable development in the transformation of the Romanian village, having as its main concern the present and future needs of village inhabitants, needs that must be ensured in harmony with the environment in order to preserve its capacity to support human activity. For a better understanding of the relationship with rurality, I pointed out some landmarks of the historical evolution of the Romanian village that help sketch the rural way of life from the perspective of historical transformations.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: sustainable development, rural area, rural development, Romanian village evolution

Text integral/Full text