Sinergia identitate-comunitate: spaţiile identitare, creaţie a comunităţii locale - dimensiunea participativă / The synergy between identity and community: space identity, creation of local communities - the participative dimension

Oana Nadina Nedeianu

Rezumat/Abstract. The aim of the present paper is to offer both a theoretical and a practical demonstration of the central tenet according to which it is always people who transform a “space” into a “place”. Both art and urban design can be conceived in such a manner as to bring people and communities together through a genuine exchange of ideas, constructive dialogue and a desire for meaningful change. Any space inhabited by people is through its very nature political, in the sense of the relationships being formed between various groups, its typology, functionality and design – all of these elements make people experience one and the same space in radically different ways. Spaces suffer transformations in terms of their identities due to human intervention. People create “stories” which end up creating identity and character both in the consciousness of those who inhabit them, and of those who visit them. How such stories come to life, how identity is constructed and which is the human impact in this equation are the research questions this paper is attempting to examine.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: identity, urbanism, architecture, space, community, participative dimension

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