Urban Planning and Its Relationship to Conflict Dynamics

Mahmoud Alturkmani

Rezumat/Abstract. Urban planning has been a significant factor in warfare throughout history, yet it has not received systematic scientific evaluation. Viewing conflictual events from a purely planning perspective could lead to a better understanding of the critical dynamics of many of today's civil wars and nations’ conflicts. Additionally, it can also help recognize how these dynamics influence conflict resolution and post-conflict peacebuilding. This paper argues that urban planning should be seen as an essential piece to contemporary conflict analysis and legislative policy development by governmental authorities, international organizations, donor agencies, NGOs, and privatized firms interested in conflict resolution, et cetera. While there is a growing consensus that there is a certain linkage between urban planning and conflicts continuation and resolution, there are significant disagreements about how important it is in relation to other political, social, cultural, and identity factors. This paper focuses on the relationship between urban planning and conflict dynamics and how it contributes to severe conflicts.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: urban conflicts, urban concentration, urbanization, conflict dynamics, urban centers

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