„Orașul circular”: Începutul unei noi paradigme urbane/umane? / “The circular city": The beginning of a new urban/human paradigm?

Cristina Andreea Bălan

Rezumat/Abstract. Life's only constant is change . The world changes, behaviors and mentalities change, same as the cities that are considered support spaces for the development of daily life and activities. In this context, „Let's close the loop" , „Cracking the code of circularity" , „The future is neutral" , „Designed to leave the world better than we found it" , „The circular imperative" , „On the road to the circular economy" represents a small part of the mottos adopted by different manufacturers in order to highlight the pressing need for transition to circularity, perspective changes and fundamental transformations registered in their current activity. The multitude of these initiatives demonstrate the increasing level of awareness and concern of society towards the global challenges generated by irrational consumption, resources depletion, pressures on natural frameworks and pollution levels increase. Starting from the stated initiatives and from the current dynamics that demonstrate how circularity is progressively becoming the new „pattern" of thinking, production and consumption, a new concern is emerging regarding the implications and possibilities of transposing circularity into spatial development practices.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: Circular Economy, Urban Metabolism, Sustainable Development, Resilience, Spatial Planning, Innovation

Text integral/Full text