Forma urbană inteligentă în urbanism: orașul în era digitală / Smart Urban Form in Urban Planning: The City in the Digital Age

George-Gabriel Marin

Rezumat/Abstract. Urban planning in the digital era has been shaped by the impact of technology on city development and urban design, as well as the challenges and opportunities generated by technological advancements. The paper explores the transition from the traditional urban form to an evolved smart urban form and examines the impact of digital evolution on it. It analyzes emerging technologies in urban planning and design, while discussing the benefits, challenges, and future research directions associated with the development of the smart urban form. This paper starts from the assumption that the adoption of advanced technologies has a direct positive impact on the urban form. Thus, the paper aims to clarify key concepts and understand the influence of the digital evolution on the urban form. By investigating the relationship between digital evolution and urban form, the article contributes to a deeper understanding of the implications and opportunities presented by the digital era in shaping our cities.

Cuvinte cheie/Key words: smart city, technology advancement, urban planning transformation, smart urban form

Text integral/Full text